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DIA associate curator Nancy Barr posts about Detroit area and DIA community-related photography events, exhibitions, and artists. From time-to-time, guest bloggers will join Barr. The site will also be home to announcements on upcoming online photo competitions and other photo-related and cultural offerings and events.

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    13 responses to “About

    1. Want to be informed of new posts!


    2. Hi Nancy,

      I found your blog!


    3. Hi David – Good to see you’re out here in wordpress land. Nancy

    4. gilda snowden

      I love the blog!

    5. I’m so glad that I found your blog.

    6. Hi John – Glad you found me – long time no see! Nancy

    7. Richard Haskin

      Hi Nancy,
      Please add me to your subsribers list.

    8. Hi Richard, I will add you to our eblast list – nice to meet you at the members’ event last month. Nancy

    9. AnnMarie Mannino

      Hello Nancy! Your blog is new to me. I’ll be following and good luck. Hope you and yours are well.

    10. Wesley Aelbrecht

      Dear Nancy Watson Barr,

      Great Blog! I discovered it when I was searching for an article you published in 2000: “Truth, memory, and the American working-class city: Robert Frank in Detroit and at the Rouge”, in Bulletin of the Detroit Institute of Arts v. 76 no. 1/2 (2002) p. 62-74.

      However, I don’t seem to have access through my university, University College London, where I am at this moment a PhD candidate in the Architectural History and Theory department. Would it be possible to send me the article as a PDF?

      Kind regards,
      Wesley Aelbrecht

    11. Dear Wesley,

      Thanks for this note. I will contact you by email and get you a copy of the Bulletin article on Robert Frank. We’re on holiday here through Monday, May 30 – so I’ll get to it after that!


    12. Dear Nancy,
      your blog is very very good. I discovered it when I was doing my research about an american photographer called Jerry Berndt.

      I woluld be very happy to have a discussion with you about his work:

      OLD MOLE-Politics, Protest and Everyday Culture

      America between 1967 and 1977. The American photographer Jerry Berndt (*1943) accompanied and documented this ten-year period like no other. Berndt was himself active in the anti-Vietnam War activities of the 1960s. He created an extensive sociodocumentary body of work that, beyond any simple polarizations, allows in-depth insight into the social constitution of those years.

      Jerry Berndt photographed a lot in Detroit.

      You like to see more? Please have a look at my website.

      I looking forward to your answer!
      very best


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