Perspectives on Photography – Panel Discussion this Friday, May 20, 7p.m.@the DIA

Detroit's Cary Loren will weigh in on photography this Friday at the DIA. (c) Cary Loren, 2011

What does it mean for a photograph to be authentic? How does the so-called manipulation of photographs influence our perception and understanding of medium? What is the value of learning to “read” photographic images? A panel of Detroit-area photographers, arts professionals and educators will meet to discuss these issues during the program Perspectives on Photography: Authenticity, Invention and Image  which takes place this Friday, May 20, 7 p.m. at the Detroit Institute of Arts, Lecture Hall.

Please join DIA Associate Curator Nancy Barr and moderator Leonard Walle, collector and president of the Forum for Prints, Drawings, and Photographs who will engage panelists in dialogue. Participants include Kyohei Abe, artist and director of the Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography; Michelle Andonian, editorial and documentary photographer; Sara Blair, University of Michigan professor and author; Cary Loren, author, artist, and musician; and Corine Vermeulen, photographer and 2009 Kresge Fellow. A Q&A will follow the panel discussion.

This event is free with museum admission. This program is sponsored by the Forum for Prints, Drawings, and Photographs.

Questions for our panel? Please post them below.

3 responses to “Perspectives on Photography – Panel Discussion this Friday, May 20, 7p.m.@the DIA

  1. Bil Rauhauser

    There have always been two questions that have bothered me. The value of art and the purpose of art. I n light of the price paid for Cindy Sherman.s photograph, I question that art has become merchandise and its purpose is to promote itself.

  2. Bernard Yenelouis

    I am curious as to how a museum defines the scope of what is photographic.

    What comes to mind is the collecting of digital technology: how does a museum deal with the collecting of a file, which can be produced in the future, at any time. An analog version of the same concept is in the Sol Lewitt installation of wall drawings at MassMoCA: the work is posthumous, but it follows the instructions of Lewitt.

    Is the photograph only a print? I am thinking of the growing interest in collecting photographic books, & the books being viewed (by those collectors) as the primary vehicle of work, such as The Decisive Moment or The Americans.

    And can ephemera find a place in the museum: while that is often how conceptual art exists in a museum (land art, Fluxus), can say something like periodicals, posters, etc. be collected with the same acumen as vintage prints?

  3. Authentic photography is easily defined as using light to create art. Interesting and compelling photography, not so easily defined.

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