The kids are alright – students get behind the scenes at the DIA

Oakland Community College students on a visit to the DIA's works on paper study room (c) Rob Kangas 2011

The DIA’s department of prints, drawings and photographs has seen a good amount of activity these past few months with visits from art and art history students who attend Detroit-area colleges and universities. Oakland Community College instructor Rob Kangas recently brought his class to the museum’s works on paper study room to view photographs from the DIA’s collection. Rob has been working with the museum’s photo collection for nearly twenty years to teach his students about the history of photography and give them a rare opportunity to study a variety of photographic media first hand. They can see everything from 19th-century daguerreotypes to traditional black-and-white photographs and more recent digitally output prints. The photograph on the table seen above is by New York street photographer Weegee, but contemporary work was also on view and several students took the time to study an oversize photograph by Andrew Moore as seen below.

Students study an oversize photo in the DIA's works on paper study room (c) Rob Kangas

The experience is always memorable for his students – and for some it is the first time they actually step foot into the DIA!

2 responses to “The kids are alright – students get behind the scenes at the DIA

  1. Holly Kirshman

    I attended this day but the first session so we could also look around the rest of the DIA. Rob is an amazing instructor and kept my interest the whole term, to see the prints at the DIA was even more amazing as the photographers original work was breath taking and learning their techniques they used to create them before hand helped better understand the work that went into it. I am off school until fall and can not wait to get back into the darkroom! I also plan on taking my children to the DIA so they can experience the world of art. THANK YOU ROB AND THE DIA FOR A WONDERFUL TRIP!!!

  2. Thanks Holly – I had the same experience in the DIA’s study room when I was a student at CCS. And I agree with you that Rob is a wonderful professor of photography.

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