Avedon Fashion Photographs coming to a Detroit neighborhood near you


The installation and opening events for Avedon Fashion Photographs have kept all my  blogging efforts to a minimum over the last several weeks. And even though I feel like I’ve been underground and just now coming up for air, there seems to be no escape from Richard Avedon outside the DIA’s gallery walls. Driving around town I am greeted daily by the our billboards. They bring a little elegance and charm to our local skylines.

And it’s all good. Not just good- it’s great. This is a stunning exhibition. It was brought to perfection by James Martin, managing director at the Avedon Foundation in New York City. James and I worked tirelessly on site with DIA staff to get this exhibition of around 180 photographs as well as dozens of vintage fashion magazines installed earlier this month.

James Martin of the Avedon Foundation

James Martin of the Avedon Foundation

Working with Avedon during the final years of his career (Avedon passed away in 2004), James has a second sense about the amazing eye and legacy of this brilliant and prolific photographer.

The DIA’s been having fun with the exhibition online too. On our Flickr “Fashion by the Decade” page, post your own fashionable photos of friends, family members, or maybe yourself, if you have the courage. You may even win some free tickets to the exhibition or to our annual November gala called “To the Nines.”

Don’t be shy. Just remember what Richard Avedon said, “Fashion is one of the richest expressions of human desires, ambitions, needs, frailty, insecurity, security. What we wear is an indication of our sense of ourselves. It’s a gift.


5 responses to “Avedon Fashion Photographs coming to a Detroit neighborhood near you

  1. It’s such a great show (at the risk of sounding partisan): I hope it does well at the DIA – an extraordinary amount of work went into it, for all involved, & it can be said it’s all for good.

  2. The show is spectacular but I’d especially like to voice that whoever curated the show did an incredible job with groupings! There are areas of the show that really stand out simply because of the way the images are hung together.


  3. Thanks for the thoughtful comments Amy. Carol Squiers and Vince Aletti co-curated this exhibition. In Detroit, I worked on the installation groupings with DIA designer Frank Arvan and we tweaked the placement on site with Carol and James Martin from the Avedon Foundation.

  4. Hi Bernard – The exhibition is getting high praise from visitors and our local press. The installation in Detroit is very different from ICP – we had a lot more space to work with and it seems to flow through the galleries a bit better. Wish you were here to see it.

  5. I’m going to be in Detroit over Thanksgiving weekend: looking forward to seeing both the Avedon show & Photography – the First 100 Years!

    Also, there’s a copy of Anna Atkins’ book on view at the Met in the show Surface Tension: Contemporary Photographs from the Collection. Given its rarity it’s kind of great & serendipitous that it’s on display in both Detroit & NY simultaneously.

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